Asheville Rotarians Against Hunger

Rotarians Against Hunger held their fifth packaging event March 21, 2015 at the YMCA in Biltmore Park. About 800 volunteers packed 300,000 meals that will be distributed throughout Western North Carolina with a portion of the meals sent to Honduras.  As you can see from the pictures it was very busy and everyone had fun.  Besides Rotarians from surrounding areas, we had participants from several businesses like Bank of America and Harris Teeter (who brought us cookies!) along with the Boy Scouts, Air Force personnel, and many families.  The kids were great with great attitudes and energy.

I worked both shifts.  The first shift I was team leader for an assembly line with eight station.  Each station was manned by four people who assembled the meal which consisted of a bag with a cheese packet, soy, and macaroni. I also became the macaroni nazi going around to all the stations around the room ensuring that participants were putting in the correct amount of macaroni noodles.

The second shift I weighed the bags and adjusted macaroni noodles accordingly to be sure they weighed between 353 and 354 grams. This required focus and was hard on the body. However the job was made easier if participants put in the proper amount of noodles initially.

It may help to explain the process briefly.  As the meal bags are prepared, they are put in a bin to be taken to the weigh station by runners (usually energetic kids).  After being weighed, the bags are sealed and given to another crew for packing into boxes.  Here it becomes apparent why the weight is important as this influences the number of bags in each box.

The day was chaotic with music and much laughter.  During one break the Harris Teeter employees held

a dance contest.  I am looking forward to next year’s event.2015-03-21 09.38.39 2015-03-21 09.39.11 2015-03-21 09.38.54 2015-03-21 10.15.56

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